Intrepid (adjective):
Fearless; adventurous

A game by Senile Team

From the creators of Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally comes an action adventure whose gameplay and graphics are like a wonderful marriage between classic and modern gaming. Explore a colourful and imaginative world as the lovable, witty and above all intrepid Izzy.


The following screenshots are of a game in development. The final product may look different - i.e. even better!

tn_320x180shot00056.png tn_320x180shot00217.png tn_320x180shot00522.png tn_320x180shot01354.png tn_320x180shot01577.png tn_320x180shot01740.png tn_320x180shot01941.png tn_320x180shot02196.png tn_320x180shot03042.png tn_320x180shot00004.png

Smooth animations

Intrepid Izzy has crisp, smooth animations, thanks to our custom-made animation software!

izzy-stand.gif scorpion-walk.gif izzy-duck.gif ninja-stand.gif vampire-change.gif


Intrepid Izzy...
  • currently in development for PC and SEGA Dreamcast. Other systems are also on our wish list, but cannot be confirmed at this time.
  • ...runs on a completely custom-made engine and is created with custom-made tools.
  • designed, illustrated, animated and programmed by Roel van Mastbergen.
  • ...will feature music by Black Device, who also composed the acclaimed soundtrack to Rush Rush Rally Racing.
  • ...has a unique upgrade system that revolves around the various costumes that can be found throughout the game.

More facts to follow!