Dreamcast version coming soon!

Intrepid Izzy will be released on SEGA Dreamcast 20 August 2021.
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A video game by Senile Team

From the creators of Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally comes an action adventure whose gameplay and graphics are like a wonderful marriage between classic and modern gaming. Explore a colourful and imaginative world as the lovable, witty and above all intrepid Izzy.


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Smooth animations

Intrepid Izzy has crisp, smooth animations, thanks to our custom-made animation software!

izzy-stand.gif scorpion-walk.gif izzy-duck.gif ninja-stand.gif vampire-change.gif


Intrepid Izzy...
  • ...is available for PC via Steam.
  • ...is also coming to Sony PlayStation 4 and SEGA Dreamcast.
  • ...runs on a completely custom-made engine and is created with custom-made tools.
  • ...is designed, illustrated, animated and programmed by Roel van Mastbergen.
  • ...features music by Ben Kurotoshiro, who also composed the acclaimed soundtrack to Rush Rush Rally Racing.
  • ...has a unique upgrade system that revolves around the various costumes that can be found throughout the game.
  • ...got funded on Kickstarter 27 October, 2017, thanks to 413 backers.

Stay informed

Development of Intrepid Izzy is steadily progressing, and improvements are made every day. We frequently post about these and other insights into the game's development on our Dev Log. Don't want to miss a thing? Then follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

And of course you can now also follow us on Kickstarter!